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grafton4.jpg (10947 bytes) What is a Vertebroplasty?
A Vertebroplasty is the injection of a bone mineral substitute into a failing osteoporotic vertebral body in order to prevent a painful fracture.


Who should have a Vertebroplasty?
Men and women with severe osteoporosis who are currently on oral and nasal therapy. People who have had or are at high risk for vertebral body fracture. Patients with spinal tumors are candidates for Vertebroplasty.

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colpse.JPG (6145 bytes) When should I have a Vertebroplasty?
The bone supplement is best provided just prior or soon after a painful vertebral body fracture. Vertebroplasty is used after traditional oral and nasal supplements have failed.


Why should I have a Vertebroplasty?
Replacing the lost mineral from your vertebral body will prevent further hunchback deformity, reduce pain, and protect your spinal cord and nerve roots.

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grafton2.jpg (11197 bytes) How is a Vertebroplasty performed?
Three to five cc of bone mineral substitute is injected with a small needle using x-ray control. Twilight anesthesia is given. No hospitalization is required.


Will Vertebroplasty replace rods and bone screws?
Vertebroplasty may prevent the need for traditional deformity surgery by maintaining your skeletal alignment. Vertebroplasty can be used to improve traditional bone screw fixation.

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What is the importance of Vertebroplasty?
Vertebroplasty is viewed as a minimally invasive and more holistic medical approach to osteoporosis.
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