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This Sarouk comes from a turn of the century historic Sedona Estate. This rug was purchased new in the 1920's by the owners grandfather.  It is in excellent condition and has just been professionally hand washed, which has brought the lanolin back to the pile. This gives a nice vibrancy to this beautiful sarouk awaiting it's new home. 

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1920's Persian Sarouk 9 x 12

This rug is woven in the city of Sarouk Iran.It   has 100% wool pile with a cotton foundation. Measuring  9.1 X 12.2 , featuring a Kerman design with a light color combination.
Circa 1920's.

This is unusual for a Sarouk. for more info.

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Intricate Boarders with beautiful muted color combinations
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Lanolin and Petina

Original Binding and Fringe in excellent condition. Notice the Blue Weft indicating
that this is a Sarouk.

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European Influenced formal design. Open field with intricate boarders
creating stunning contrast.

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